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Happy Birthday M! Happy St. Patrick's Day To Everyone Else.

The best part about the adoption reunion with my son is that I get to wish him a happy birthday. Days leading up to his birthday (check out last year's post), I still get reflective and remember what it was like when I was a teenager pregnant with him. At that time, I never knew if I would see him again, and now for the fifth year, I get the pleasure of wishing him a happy birthday. My heart is full today and thankful that God took one of the most challenging moments of my life and made it a day of celebration.

My son lives in another state, but I FacedTimed him, and to see his smile melts my heart and continues to heal the 36 years of guilt and shame. I sent him a birthday card, and I think that now in this day and age of DNA testing and familial surprises, there is a niche for specialty cards that address the sensitivity of these occasions. I bought a regular card but created an insert for it to ensure the message captured how thankful I was to be able to send it to him. I miss the boy I never raised but am happy about the man I continue to get to know.

Happy Birthday, M!


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